Pandora’s Box

By: Hetabri09 

Ten years after Vulcan’s destruction, a long seemingly dead mystery unravels itself.

Rated: Fiction T - English - Spock, L. McCoy/Bones, N. Uhura, OC - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,065 - Published: 51m ago - id: 10727842

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Asami Sato: three years later

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More shots from that one time I wore lolita recently~~~

Sweet lolita isn’t really my thing so that coord is a little sparse @_@ I’m all about classic-sweet tho!

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Spock frowned, an expression he used too often, according to Nyota.

The crew of the Enterprise was expected to attend a celebration ceremony honouring their admirable handling of the incident with Kahn and the Admiral.

Spock of course, had argued that it was immoral to be celebrating such an event when so many had lost their lives during the process, but with Uhura’s urging, was convinced that it was only logical for him to attend with her, else she’d be without a partner, and therefore look odd against the rest of the coupled up members of the USS Enterprise.

He would’ve disliked that outcome for Nyota.

“Just think of it as a date Spock…a normal date, hmm?”

Spock sported his usual look of disagreement (when it came to human concepts that was) and glanced down at the lieutenant,

“Forgive me, but I do not understand the need to fake a ‘date’ or an act that is usually used to establish a relationship, when I am 98.9% sure our agreed partnership is logically sound, and there fore..established?”

Uhura, rolled her eyes and smiled lightly, “spock..”

Noticing her reaction, Spock watched her with his usual assessing gaze, tilting his head to the side lightly as he addressed her.

“However lieutenant, I have noticed that you appear particularly pleasant this evening”

Nyota raised an eyebrow, and glanced up at him. Spock’s attention already trained forward on the rest of the attendees.

“…oh Spock…” 


I just had a mighty need.


*Halle Berry scream* "THEY KISSED!!!!!!!!!!"


*Halle Berry scream* "THEY KISSED!!!!!!!!!!"

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e-brit said: Draw Spock and Uhura babies with Jim as their super cool Uncle.


imageWell you said Babies,(even though I drew them as small kids..really..haha ^^* )and I immediately jumped to the Idea of twins! I call them… Amanda (little girl) and Tiberius .Amanda for Spocks mother and Tiberius for the little spocklit. Spocks honour of Jims father I’d think (cause I’d imagine he’d do that, ) I was going to give him the name Christopher, but I thought Jim would want that for his own, if he ever had any…ahah.

Though, I am unsure of the vulcan style of names…so Spocklit Tiberius will just have to be an odd one. They’re in their own little starfleet onesies. Cause uhura thought they were adorable.

Jim being Jim. and Spock being Spock.

urg this is slightly horrible…WHY HAND?

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I love this fucking team.

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This is historically the time of year when I have to warn that this becomes a hockey blog. However as you may have guessed by me vomiting baseball all over our dash this is going to be a playoff baseball blog at least until the Nationals get bounced.

IF YOU HAVE NO SOUL OR DON’T SUPPORT THE NATS, YOU MAY WANT TO BLACKLIST: Washington Nationals, ALSO BASEBALL, or PARTY IN THE NATS TAG. I promise that all baseball posts will have at least one of these.

Jordan Zimmermann throws a no-hitter on the final day of the season - September 28, 2014

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Jordan Zimmermann just threw the first no-hitter in Washington Nationals history!





There’s just something pleasing about drawing Bones and Scotty as fantastic drinking buddies.


There’s just something pleasing about drawing Bones and Scotty as fantastic drinking buddies.

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I’m like going to apologise for DAYS. I CANT FRICKEN GET BACK INO TUMBLR MODE. I AM SORRY.


Well….rAge is coming up, and I’m really frantically struggling to finish smaug, robin and (LOL) personification of tumblr for the three days….so I guess that’s a good enough excuse.

Also…I’ve rekindled my love for Star Trek. And I just added spock to my cosplay list. HUZAH. ( obviously not going to try pull of Leonard Nimoy….cause…he is spock. And try and go for 2009 Version. I ALSO HAVE AN UHURA. So I am a …….logically satisfied Vulcan.

Anywho, have some art of Star Trek…because. I love these two. And spocks reaction to these intimate things are amusing.

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